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How To Protect And Maintain Your New ...

Once you have made your big investment, bought your kitchen cabinets, and had them installed in your home, you will certainly want them to last for a long time. As with anything you own, if you’d like it to last you need to spend a little time taking care of it. There are lots of […]

How To Protect And Maintain Your New Cabinet Surfaces

Budget hacks: 6 Kitchen Cabinet Detai...

We all want our kitchen to knock our socks off. After, all we spend a lot of time in there, preparing edible masterpieces for the family. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when the kitchen is right, the rest slips into place. Yet, not everyone has the budget to splash unlimited sums […]

Who’s Father Secretly Loves the Kitch...

BLURB: Dads may or may not tell everyone, but he really does love to cook sometimes. In the summer, he begins with barbecues, and grills – after all, this is an acceptable “manly” activity. Yet, afterward, you can’t help but notice the cooking activity begins to encroach into the kitchen. And, why not? More and […]

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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Applia...

BLURB: You’ve been painstakingly designing your kitchen and finally you are on the home stretch. The time has come to choose your kitchen appliances. The only problem? What should have been a fun and exciting task has become a mind-boggling array of never-ending choice. This refrigerator is too big, but the perfect style. That oven […]


6 Tips for Remodeling a Galley Kitche...

Perhaps you have inherited a galley kitchen along with your home purchase and you want to jazz it up a bit. Or, perhaps, the time has come to give the kitchen you choose 20 years ago a new look. Either way, you might be wondering where to start. Galley kitchens are not the most popular […]

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Let’s Choose The Shape Of Your Kitche...

BLURB: You’ve been daydreaming again about your new kitchen. In your mind, you were lingering over the color, the style, or all the gadgets you will incorporate. While daydreaming is a lot of fun this is not how beautiful designs get realized. When you design a new kitchen you must first choose your kitchen layout. […]

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The 10 by 10 Kitchen Demystified

BLURB: The kitchen is one of those places where a family comes together at least once a day to spend quality time with each other. So, naturally, everyone wants the kitchen to be neat and clean. However, the layout of a kitchen and the number of cabinets that layout can pack within itself will determine […]


Is it time for new kitchen cabinets

If there’s any part of your kitchen that you can be fussy about, it’s the cabinets. They make up a huge portion of your kitchen and are also functionally important to the area and the house in general. A remodeling may sound big and scary, conjuring images of number crunching, a rigid design etiquette, and […]

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Remodeling for the Laundry Room

When it comes to the rooms of your home, the laundry room is probably one of the most neglected. Laundry rooms are generally rather small areas, either off the kitchen or located in the basement. But having a neat, well-organized space with plenty of storage inside attractive cabinets as well as flat surfaces to aid […]

Remodeling for the Laundry Room

Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

Over the last decade, the popularity of stone countertops made of either granite or quartz has exploded. Today they are the two most popular choices for new and remodeled kitchens. What better way to set off a beautiful new set of kitchen or bathroom cabinets than by crowning them with a beautiful quartz or granite […]